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We helped so many individuals, families and businesses when they were looking for supplies, houses, services and consult them on their choices. We walked in with or on behalf of our clients to several private and government offices. We are experienced in relocation services, we have a pull of networks that we can easily access to respond to our client's requests with utmost serving attitude.

Relocation To Ethiopia is a privately owned and a fully fledged relocation services providing company with several years of experience in supplying relocation services to individuals, private companies, and government institutions.

Our headquarter is located in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, with networks and service partners in the regional states.


We understand what moving to a different location creates. New people, new area, new laws and more things. It gets though when you are moving with a family; looking for same standard schools, health centers & safe residential area.

Our job starts through tailoring our service specifically to your detail personal needs. Our team of relocation specialists provides clear lines of communication.
One of our highly experienced relocation specialist and consultants will be your centralized point of contact for all your relocation needs. These specialists and consultants has excellent local area knowledge on helping families with home search, school options, location options, and even cultural awareness.

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