When we say a Personal Touch in our business promise and approach we meant it we do just leave you after connecting to the services you need but we go with you along and assist you which one can be a good choice for your preference.


Here you are to a new community, language and culture which might be a bit or a lot different than for your community and culture. Even though, this service will help you to sink into your new culture, community and home. Our representatives guide your assignees through the relocation process from start to finish.


If your relocation requires an extra immigration process our team works closely with well experienced specialists who will prepare all appropriate documentation and manage the legal process for entry into the required country and liaise with the appropriate immigration offices on your behalf.


Cost of Living is a key issue which various city to city country to country. The finance advisor will assist you through providing a Cost of Living Analysis which has full of information with the cost-of-living variables enabling suitable relocation packages and allowances to be put together.


Whether its personal or business relocation our External Qualified Finance and Accounting professionals will take you through Ethiopia’s Financial Systems and Policies, Accounting Terms and books, local and national Tax procedures. 


On the moment you reach the ground of your new home for sure you will adjust your watch on the local time counting system. Laws are the same. Not only cultures and languages differ but laws differ from countries to countries.  Our partner lawyers will take you through the local and national Business, Civil and Criminal laws. They also can be your personal or/and business lawyers for a permanent service.

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