Personal Relocation

We provide the Personal Relocation Service for both individuals and families who are about to start a new journey in Ethiopia whether for a short term or a long term as well as for people recently arrived in the country and are not yet settled.

Whether sourcing a property, advising on schooling or assisting with Immigration services, the tasks will be handled with utmost empathy, dedication and support throughout the assignment time. We work directly with the relocating family including attending the service requirements with them or on behalf of them.


SETTLING IN: after the requests you send us from your departing country, we will arrange all the arrival activities and resources for the first couple of days; temporary accommodation, hiring car, registering to your consulate and connecting your company or project
MOVING ARRANGEMENTS: if you are relocating for a longer timer you probably need a permanent residence, buying or hiring a Car, supplies for your house such as Satellite Television, furniture, hiring security and maids.
LEGAL FORMALITIES – your assigned Account Executive will assist you in registration with the local administration and your consulate.
LOCAL SERVICES – any of the local services you need for you or/and for your family we will bring you list, options and also accompany you to the service locations. This includes, not limited to, Banking and Insurance, Getting License, Health Institutions, Telecom and Internet, Job hunting either for you or/and your partner, Schooling
SOCIAL INTERACTION: communicating with the local community is undeniable in your new country. Relocate to Ethiopia will assist you in learning the local Language and Intercultural training which will help you in everyday situations. Also we will link you to your and your family’s favorite Sport and social clubs.
DEPARTURE: when your stay in Ethiopia is over and want to leave we will undertake all your exit process. Bank account closing and transferring your finances, customs exit clearance, selling your house and other resource depending on your needs.

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