Our Strength

Well Experienced Staff: our team is composed of different specialists majorly composed of Real estate, Finance, law and management. They have an enormous experience on their specialty in different sectors in Ethiopia.

Network: our clients’ requests are different as the reason of their relocating to Ethiopia some are found easily, some requires searching and some demands to go a far distance. However, our pull of networks assists us to find the request or choice of our client easily or in a moderate time.  

Partnerships: even though our main office is located in the capital but our partner offices are spread all of over Ethiopia which gives us a great advantage to supply all the needs of our clients all over the country.

Our Business Approach:

Personal touch: we don’t just take every order and place them as they are for the client. We advice  and put our effort to provide the client as many options as possible the same way we would do it for ourselves.  

Servitude: we strongly believe every client of ours has a confidence that we will be providing the requests at a highest level of professionalism. With an assumption of that we provide our services with servitude.

Flexibility: Relocate to Ethiopia relocation service is responsive, dynamic, all possible attitude.
Single point of contact – from start to the last contact our dedicated Account Executive will be responsible in contacting and facilitating the relocation procedure and process.

Ethics: Every discussion, negotiation and sourcing the needs of the assignee or relocating company is undertaken with the confirmation of the client.
Follow up – Relocate to Ethiopia won’t close through the file of the client after the service is provided. We keep contact, check how all the services provided status and look for more options that we can help the assignee or the relocating business.

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